Ask For These Additional Services When You Arrange Data Transfer To A New Computer

Posted on: 5 July 2018

One of the biggest issues that may stress you about buying a new computer is that you won't have all of your files on it. If you used your previous computer for several years, you may have hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of important documents, photos, multimedia files, and other data on the computer. The good news is that you can have a computer expert transfer this data for you. This means that your computer itself will be new, but it will contain all of your familiar data that makes you feel as though you're working on the same computer. When you arrange for a data transfer, make sure that you ask for these related services, too.

Transfer Of Bookmarks

If you're someone who enjoys bookmarking different pages that you visit frequently or plan to check out at some point in the future, you may accumulate a long list of bookmarks over the years. You don't want to lose them when you get a new computer, nor do you want to go through the painstaking process of jotting each of them down so that you can input them manually into your new machine. Many computer technicians who perform data transfer can also transfer your bookmarks. This means that when you open a web browser on your new machine, all of your bookmarks will be waiting for you.

Installation Of Software

Another potential issue about getting a new computer is not having the software that you had on your old computer. You can also ask the technician performing your data transfer to put your programs on the new machine, which will save you the hassle of doing so. You have to remember that you can't simply list which programs you want — you'll also need to provide the technician with the original installation discs that he or she can use. The exception is free, downloadable software, such as Skype, which the technician can simply download for you.

Setup Of Your Settings

The longer you use a computer, the more specific elements that you may tweak to suit you. This means that you may have a number of preferred settings that are different from the computer's default settings. You may not want to go through your new computer and set up each of these settings, as it can be a time-consuming process. Make sure that your computer expert knows that you'd like your old settings kept, and he or she will set them all up on your new machine.

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