• What To Do If Your Hard Drive Is Beeping Or Buzzing

    If your computer's hard drive has stopped working and is making a beeping or buzzing sound, don't panic just yet. The fix is usually simple and can be corrected by most people with a minimum of tools and skill. Below is what you need to know: Beeping or buzzing hard drive - the cause In most instances, a hard drive that is making a beeping or buzzing sound is not permanently broken; as a result, your data should still be secure.
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  • How Can You Insulate Yourself From The Cost Of Replacing Electronics?

    Today's electronics are smaller and more sophisticated than ever before. And with electronics holding such a central role in most lives -- particularly cell phones, laptop computers, and tablets -- it's important to have both the financial and physical means to replace them quickly when needed. If you're planning the purchase of a new phone or tablet, you may be wondering whether it's worthwhile to purchase an extended warranty, electronic device insurance, or even add the value of the device to your homeowner's insurance policy to protect against loss or theft.
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  • The Do's And Don'ts Of Using Remote Computer Repair Services

    Not everyone can be a technology wiz, and even the best techs need to ask for help from a colleague from time to time. Most computer problems can be solved within a few hours by a competent tech, so taking your computer to the local repair shop and leaving it for a few days can cost you precious productivity. Remote repair services, like iTOK, can get you back on your feet more quickly, but there are some things that you should take into consideration.
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