Starting Up A New Business? 3 Tips On Setting Up The Wi-Fi Design

Posted on: 10 October 2017

It is easier today to set up a Wi-Fi design, but you still need to learn what you can about this before you start setting up. This is because the right design will ensure your business stays up and running each day with no wireless connection problems. To help you, below are three tips so you can get started and get your business up and running.

Have Enough Access Points

Even though access points are not as much a concern as it was years ago, you still need to ensure you have enough. These points need to be on different frequencies also. This is because if you have every device in your office using the same access point and the same frequency you will have problems. Many devices would not be able to connect to the Internet at all.

To take care of this problem, use dual radio access points. This allows you to have many users connect at the same time with no problems. Even if your business is small you should still do this. You never know how large you will grow and how many employees you will need. For example, in the future you may be adding many devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and more. These devices will need to have a way to connect to the Internet.

Stay Up to Date

Each wireless device on your network uses firmware, and it is important that you keep this firmware updated. The manufacturer of the firmware you use will come out with periodic updates. These updates may improve performance or take care of issues the software may have.

Check the manufacturer's website frequently so you do not miss any updates. If you are not sure how to install them, there will be complete instructions. Some vendors may alert you via email or text message when there is a new update available. You may have to sign up for this if it is offered.

Use the Right Antenna

When choosing the antenna for your Wi-Fi network the right one can make all the difference in keeping everything connected. Because of this, use a high-gain wireless network adapter along with an external hi-gain antenna for each computer. This type of antenna is much better when compared to the wireless network adapters preinstalled in computers.

If you purchase new laptops for your business they likely already come with this type of antenna so you will not have to worry about doing anything. The wireless cards also will not require any upgrades in the future.

Because Wi-Fi design can be complex you should consider hiring a computer services company to design and set everything up for you. For more information, contact a business such as Smartgrid Integrations Inc.