Business Telephone Systems: Delivery Models And Reliability Of Each

Posted on: 29 June 2017

Business telephone systems become important when your business has grown so large that you have to have separate departments and phones for each department. If you are already at that point where you will need to split off into departments, it is time to look a business phone system delivery models and the reliability of each. The following information will help you decide on what is right for your growing company's needs.

Traditional Telephone Lines

Traditional telephone lines, otherwise known as POTS (poor old telephone system), relies on a separate line for every phone coming into your business. The reliability of these lines is comparable to dial-up internet service; it works so long as you do not have bad weather or suffer tree limbs falling the wires. You have to pay for EACH phone line too, making it a complicated series of bills for which you have to keep track. However, it is the cheapest solution for a business that wants to cut costs but add phone lines for different departments.


DSL is a direct service line that delivers both cable TV and phone service over an internet line. The "D" can stand for both "direct" and "digital," since the phone signals are converted to digital signals before being channeled into your business. Usually, DSL lines can handle up to four phone lines, but that also depends on the service provider. At the very least, you would only have one bill for all the phone service lines coming in. DSL phone service is definitely more reliable than traditional phone lines, but electrical surges can cause the occasional dropped call.

Digital Phone Service

Digital phone service is just that- digital. The difference between DSL and digital phone services, however, is that digital phone service can be delivered via WiFi from a router, or via fiber optic cables. It is the most reliable of the phone service options, since neither storms or electrical surges can affect the signals or the digital relay system.

Cellular Systems

While it is unusual for a business to utilize cellphone-only phone service, it is not unheard of. The fact that most cellphones are able to transmit and receive phone calls from any phone in the world makes them an ideal solution for growing businesses. If you would like more information on how to make your business a totally cellular zone, talk to your phone service provider, like competitive network management LLC, to see how to set this up.