3 Features To Look For When Investing In A Secure Password Manager

Posted on: 6 March 2017

With more and more business activities being completed online, having the ability to manage your company's passwords is critical. If you are having difficulty remembering all of the passwords for your various online accounts, then investing in a secure password manager program could be beneficial. These programs are designed to help track and manage your passwords, giving you easy access to your online accounts.

Here are three features that you should be looking for as you shop for a secure password manager to ensure you end up with the program best suited to meet your company's needs in the future.

1. Random Password Generation

Thinking of a password that meets the criteria for your online accounts can be challenging. If you want to ensure that your accounts are as well-protected as possible, you need strong passwords that a potential hacker would not be able to easily guess.

By investing in a password manager program with a random password generation feature, you can allow the program to create passwords on your behalf. All you have to do is enter in the required criteria, and the program will generate a strong password that is entirely random. This feature can take the stress out of opening new online accounts, and it can help secure your accounts against hackers in the future.

2. Confidential Information Storage

In addition to managing your passwords, it can be helpful to have a password manager program that can securely store other forms of confidential information as well.

Adding your company's credit card information or license numbers to the secure password manager gives this program the ability to automatically fill in these confidential fields when you are placing an order online. This feature will save you time, and allows multiple employees to place online orders without requiring them to physically access your company credit card to do so.

3. Secure Encryption

The encryption of data prevents any user without the decryption key from accessing your information. You should be looking for a password manager that provides secure encryption with a key that can only be unlocked using your master password.

Ensuring that the encryption and decryption all happens locally on your company's computer will help prevent hackers from accessing your data, even if they are able to breach the private servers of the company administering your password manager program.

Being able to enjoy the convenience and security provided by a password manager program can help improve the quality of your company's online activities. Be sure you get the best possible program by looking for a password manager with a random password generator, the ability to add confidential information, and secure encryption features. Click here for more information.