Tips For Finding Chess Software For New Learners

Posted on: 9 January 2019

Whether you're looking for software to teach your child or yourself, finding the right chess software is crucial to your learning. Chess software is a great way to learn the game, because it gives you an interactive board experience without having to plan for an opponent to be at your home. If you've decided to look for chess software to facilitate your learning, here are a few things that you should consider.

Make Sure It Is Self-Paced

Especially if you are very new to the game, you need chess software that is entirely self-paced. That way, you can learn in your own way and on your own time, not according to some lesson plan that pushes you through even if you haven't mastered the last lesson.

The software should have a library of basics that you can refer back to while you are still learning, and also a predictive lesson plan that adapts as you begin to respond more quickly and accurately in the game.

Look For Interaction

Part of learning chess is being able to understand why certain moves didn't end up the way that you thought they would, or why you lost as quickly as you did. Sometimes, this requires a human element as opposed to a game. Look for chess software that permits you to not only play online multiplayer games, but also to reach out to an expert for information when you are uncertain about something.

The more interaction you have while you're learning, the more variety you will develop in the game. This will allow you to play most anyone and still be able to hold your own.

Opt For Computer Opponents Too

While you're going to want chess software that pits you against real opponents, having software that lets you play the computer is good, too. When you can play the computer as well, you are better able to learn the game. Remember that the computer will be programmed at a higher skill level, so you may see move combinations from the computer opponent that you wouldn't otherwise see.

In addition, with a computer opponent, the software can be designed to learn from your play. That way, it starts out as an easier opponent, making it easier for you to learn, and then gradually becomes more difficult as you learn the game. Look into options, such as Chess King, to find the one that works for you.

Chess is a great game for mental stimulation, and one that is still popular today. If you're considering learning the game, or you want your child to learn it, these features will help you find the perfect software to get started.